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Stamped concrete

KR Masonry LLC offers Trenton residential or commercial clients textured concrete that can have the appearance to be authentic brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, wood, and various other patterns. Our stamped concrete techniques are commonly used for patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and interior flooring. A cost effective alternative to installing stone, slate or brick, stamped concrete offers numerous practical and visually appealing benefits.

The Many Benefits of Stamped Concrete

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Versatile decorative option
  • Vast amount of design possibilities
  • Low maintenance
  • Creates a luxurious facade

Many Applications for Concrete With a Natural Look

One of the primary advantages of stamped concrete is its flexibility. When combined with the many finishing techniques that KR Masonry LLC offers, stamped concrete can be patterned into resembling aged cobblestone, unique brickwork, flagstone, slate tile, marble, granite, wood and virtually any natural surface at a significantly lower cost. Stamped concrete is a popular choice among homeowners and often used for driveways, patios, porches, and sidewalks. Stamped concrete is an inexpensive decorative alternative for Trenton restaurants malls and hotels.

Experienced Concrete Specialists

KR Masonry LLC is a decorative stamped contractor operating in Trenton, recognized for its high standards of professionalism and quality customer service. We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding the decorative concrete design and installation requirements of residential and commercial clients in Trenton.Turn to our experienced specialists for selecting the colors, patterns, and borders that will blend nicely with your surroundings. Create unique stamped concrete designs that range from the traditional to the ultra-modern and anything in between.

Call (732) 925-4774 for a free estimate and to learn more about acquiring authentic stonework on your property at a fraction of the price!

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